GF-Lite Dolly

GF-Lite Dolly

Model GF-Lite is a lightweight and stable cart, which you can install pneumatic wheels and rail clips. The design of the wheel attachment provides the ability to quickly replace them.

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Product Description

There are a few platforms that can increase the size of the site with 0,74×1,15 m to m 1,0×1,26. Trolley is made of aluminum with a steel finish. On the surface of the site caused the rubber layer.

The trolley is installed telescopic column for mounting the camera and seat for the operator. Is driven manually.


GF-5000 GF-Lite Dolly Platform
GF-5001 Pneumatic wheel set with steering rod and axles (4 pcs)
GF-5002 Track wheel set with axles (4 pcs)
GF-5003 Turnstile mount
GF-5004 Euro-adapter mount
GF-5005 Push bar
GF-5006 Platform set (3 pcs)


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