Magnum DOLLY

Magnum DOLLY

Our trolleys and rails in perfect condition. Professional service. Magnum truck unique and most advanced system at the moment. The trolley is designed in a modular fashion, which will allow you to realize all your creative vision without restrictions.

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Product Description

Electromechanical column is set to Basic Dolly and in combination with additional accessories offers a variety of options for installing the camera. Column movement possible at speeds of 3 to 4 different and independent from each other programs.
MovieTech Magnum – is rightly the most famous professional dolly top class c programmable electromechanical swing columns are designed for shooting on the move and the expressions of the image. Maximum lift height columns 148cm, and the minimum – 80cm. Payload carts Magnum 250kg (2 people + camera). Universal programmable functional activities and combined the wheels, which allows for shooting as pneumatic, studio wheels and the rails. On set to personnel from 2 to 3 holders (depending on the number and availability of rail crane boom).

78 kg is the weight of the column
The length of 64 cm
The width of 64 cm
Is the height of 80 cm

Maximal load on the column 800 kg
Maximal height of 148 cm
-Time Perform maximum lifting up 3.1 – 4.5 sec
-Energetichesky Flow 30 A

-10 Meters straight & ¼ curved rail (included)
-Lower Point Low Rick

-Duo Jib
-Mini jib
-Low Mode Arm