Panther Buddy

Panther Buddy

Panther Baddy Dolly – dolly having a basic design carts Panther, without motorized column. Trolley Baddy Dolly can be used as a base for the crane Foxy, it is compact and lightweight. Baddy Dolly can perform motion on the floor, ice and rails, even with extra accessories.

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Product Description

Payload carts Buddy 900kg (2 people + camera). This is a similar truck Super Panther but without lifting mechanism, equipped with air instead “bazooka” and a set of common “bazookas.” From carts Panther Husky different wheels and sliding the possibility of the presence of crab like truck full Panther.

Is the weight of 59 kg
– Maximum height 40 cm
– Length: 84cm
– Width: min. 53,5sm / max. 82,5sm
– Ground clearance: 6cm
– The cycle of rotation: 197cm
– Load capacity 300 kg
– Noise level 28 dB – 32 dB
– Track width 75cm / 62cm
-10 Meters straight & ¼ curved rail
-Lower point Low Rick

-Mini jib
-Low Mode Arm