Skater mini

Skater mini

Portable SKATER Mini dolly helping to shoot with a very low point, due to its height – only 5 cm trolley can move along any flat surface at a predetermined trajectory, which is determined by adjusting the rotation of the wheels. SKATER Mini is carried in a case assembled with accessories. Footage obtained by shooting with a SKATER Mini, just spectacular, as well as shooting with heavy trucks, and cranes stedikamov.

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Product Description


Platform size, 435.5 mm x 385.0 mm
-Height (with wheels) 72.0 mm
-The height of the standard Rocker 51.4 mm
With optional height-Rocker + / – 30 ° 71.0 mm
Weight with standard-Rocker 3.8 kg
-The maximum weight of 30 kg camera
-Dimensions with case 500 x 425 x 115 mm
-Operating temperature 0-50 ° C

Accessories included:

30 ° Rocker allows you to tilt with the amplitude of 60 ° (+ / – 30 °). Mounting surface is at a low point (71 mm) from the surface. The set – screws 3/8 “and 1/4”, allowing to mount the camera directly to the SKATER Mini without additional adapters. Laser Pointer – Laser Pointer. Mounted on the wheel, or Skater Mini Skater Junior. Allows you to accurately set the wheels in accordance with the given circle motion. Rotation Tables – table configuration, which are the angles of rotation of wheels for whiter than twenty centers of rotation. Used for fast and accurate adjustment trajectories. Rotation Calculator – software (version Excel and Palm) to calculate the motion SKATER Mini: angles and distances. Downloaded from the site of P + S Technik. Flight Case – compact and lightweight transport case. Space for additional accessories.


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