Pedestal c truck DL-8.

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Product Description

Specifications: Weight – 30 kg Weight – 15.2 kg of poppy. Height – 1575 mm Min. height – 815 mm diameter sphere – 100 mm Number of sections – 3


U-Bangi II device, ensuring smooth and easy move the camera in a horizontal plane. Use the U-Bangi is possible on carts, racks, stands or on any flat surface .U-Bangi offers the following features:
Newly developed “endpieces” with 80 mm connector, which is Euromount and Hi-Lo tubular system.
Compatible with all accessories Panther.

U-Bangi is available in the following sizes:
90 cm / 2’11”dlya trolley + tripods
140 cm / 4’7”dlya trolley + tripods
200 cm / 6’7”dlya tripods
300 cm / 9’10”dlya tripods