Panther Foxy Crane

Panther Foxy Crane

Panther Foxy Crane special crane for lifting of cameraman with the camera to produce a high point shooting and giving the camera movement in the vertical and horizontal planes for increasing expression picture film or television.

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Product Description

New versions of the number 7 and number 8 of the compact crane Foxy Advanced, used in remote control camera, characterized by the working boom length 13 m (from the point of attachment of the boom to the support to the chamber site). If it is supposed to raise with the camera and operator, the boom length can be up to 7 m. For this purpose, a version number 4.

At the heart of Foxy Advanced is a well-known principle that has proved its worth during the operation of the crane standard Foxy – lightweight construction and compact in the transport state. Compared with a standard load Foxy new model significantly increased.