KOWA ANAMORPHIC 2x T2,3-2,8 40mm, 50mm, 75mm

KOWA Anamorphic 2x T2,3-2,8 40mm, 50mm, 75mm

Introducing a set of optics KOWA Anamorphic 2x T2,3-2,8 40mm , 50mm , 75mm . The only market Anamorphic lenses lightweight and compact lens with the ability to use handheld camera stabilizers Ronin and Movi.


Product Description

These 2X squeeze lenses are the highly sought-after Japanese cinema lenses . They’ve been completely re-furbished and re-housed and are ready to turn your images into 2.39:1 cinemascope goodness. Low in contrast and warm in color, the flare is warm rather than the standard blue anamorphic flare. Their size makes them work well on steadicam as well as handheld. The set consists of :40mm T2.3; 50mm T2.3;75mm T2.8.Keep in mind that Anamorphic mode is currently enabled on the Alexa XT with its 4:3 sensor, RedOne-MX, and Epic in 5k mode only.For other Epic resolutions (2K, etc.) and for shooting Anamorphic on Scarlet you’ll need to do a little work-around.