KOWA Mirrorscope Anamorphic x 2

KOWA Mirrorscope Anamorphic x 2

Lenses are improve upon the classic Kowa design by Mirrorscope.  They feature improved housings with accurate focus marks on either side of the lens.  They feature new 80mm fronts as well as 77mm threading for screw on filter use.


Product Description

This set of Kowa’s also comes with a 30mm adapter.  This adapter easily transforms your 40mm into a 30mm wide angle lens.  These new housings also feature improved internal mechanics, allowing for smoother pull focusing and more fluid movements throughout the lens.  These beautiful anamorphics are a perfect match for a RED Epic-X Package or Alexa 4:3 package.

Included in set: 30mm Adapter (attached to 40mm, no light loss), 40mm T2.3, 50mmT2.3, 75mm T2.8, 100mm T3.4