COOLH - Dedocool Tungsten Light Head

COOLH – Dedocool Tungsten Light Head

We have a new unique device DEDO COOL, used primarily for close-up shots and shooting the camera Phantom.
Its uniqueness is that the small size for macro shooting, he has great light output device can replace the 18k, with no heats. Lamp Life 30 hours on the need to always have a spare. Includes 2 transmitters, ballast control and carrying case.
The first light designed specifically to meet the special requirements of ultrahigh-making film and video.
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Product Description

Specifications: COOLH
Weight: 1.84 kg (4 lb)
Lamp: 24 W V/250 (ELC)
Osram HLX 64 653 or equivalent
Cable length: 690 cm (22 ‘8 “)
Mounting: Standard 16 mm (5 / 8 “) receptacle
Input voltage: 21 – 26 AC (from COOLT3)