Dedolight 200D HMI (5600)

Dedolight 200D HMI (5600k)

Spot luminaire focused Dedolight 200D is built with patented double aspheric lens system designed one and Aspherics2 «Tripple Zoom Motion» focusing system. Ideal pronounced clean beam without stray light. Can be converted from DC (daylight) in LN (incandescent bulb) with DTCF LN compensation dichroic filter or by changing the lamp. Compatible with all the accessories of the classical line Dedolig


Product Description

Technical characteristics
Focusing angles (range): 48 ° – 4.5 °
The intensity of focus: 1:14
Lamp – DL200HRB 200W SE single-ended, halogen lamp DL or DL ​​200 THRB – LN
Ultraviolet: unprecedented low level of UV for this class of instrument – a double system of protection:
suitable for use with objects of increased sensitivity to ultraviolet. Security system: IP 23 – water resistance, ability to work in the rain.
Fasteners: 16mm socket (female)
Dimming range from 200 W to 100 W (with no noticeable change in color temperature)
Inclusion – the buttons to start / stop on the device and ballast for ease of use.
Weight 1.3 kg