Dedolight DLH650 (3200)

Dedolight DLH650 (3200)

The device is AC with an unsurpassed focus and quality factor of luminous flux. Can be used with lamps of your choice 650W with a color temperature of 3200K ° at an operating voltage of 100 – 240V. The instrument is switched to the network without adapters, transformers or power supplies.


Product Description

Weight: 3.4 kg
Height: 351 mm
Width: 224 mm
Depth: 247 mm

Focusing angles (range): 56 ° -8 °
The intensity of focus: 1:13
Focusing scale: Indicates the current angle of beam
Lamp 650W
Fasteners: Universal 16mm and 28mm socket (female)
Control Tilt: attachment point at the center of gravity of the lyre instrument – provides a perfect balance. Constant load, the total fixation.
5m cable spotlight