Dedolight PanAura 7

Dedolight PanAura 7

Dedolight PanAura 7 – soft light. Area of ​​the illuminated surface at PanAura7 – 3,1 m. meters!
The light intensity is twice the analogs with a Fresnel lens, working with soft box.


Product Description

Udaloss achieve this due to two factors:
– Design of the device in which the lamp is in the geometric focus softbox,
– The new incandescent lamps (Dedolight tungsten metal halide lamps) with a luminous flux of 80lm, which is identical to the luminous flux of lamps HMI and 4 times longer than conventional halogen lamps.
Optimal soft light should have a larger surface area with perfectly even light distribution, or even a little brighter edges – to enhance the effect of “wrap-around” light.
In devices PanAura now both possible nature of light. Two additional removable diffuser supplied: a standard diffuser, which provides uniform light, and a special diffuser rim-aura, increasing the brightness of the peripheral region of the soft box.
New HMI devices PanAura 7 provide a 140% increase of the intensity in the center than Starlite 5KW c soft box device, and by 250% intensity in the peripheral zone Starlite compared with the same 5 KW device, thus consuming only 1150W.
For all its advantages, PanAura also significantly smaller and lighter counterparts:

– The depth of 60cm PanAura. Softbox for lens device HMI 2,5 KW has a depth of 162 cm, and the whole system has 3.5 times more weight: 58kg vs 16kg PanAura.PanAura 7 (tungsten) 2KW – 2 lamps 1000W.