JOKER-BUG 400 HMI + Softub
JOKER-BUG 400 HMI + Softub

JOKER-BUG 400 HMI + Softub

The JOKER-BUG 400 is a multifunction fixture. It combines the characteristics of the BUG-LITE 400, a 400 Watt daylight HMI system without optics, with those of the JOKER 400, a PAR 46 fixture using a specular parabolic reflector and a set of 4 lenses.


Product Description

The JOKER-BUG 400 offers the most flexible optical configuration for location lighting by achieving Spot to Flood ratios of 80 to 1 with beam angles from as narrow as 5 degrees to as wide as 55 degrees.
The Softube is an accessory to the Joker. It transforms a normally spotty narrow beam into a soft and even linear source. Softube is ideal for window reinforcement, large vehicle interiors and wherever a compact long soft source is needed. It is based on the fiber light guides principle where a beam is trapped inside a volume by multiple reflections and goes out through a selective path.

Motion Picture Gaffers and Freelance Cameramen have adopted the JOKER-BUG 400 for fine daylight interiors, car shots, two camera interviews, TV magazines, documentaries and industrials.

•JB weight 2,0 kg,
•Ballast weight 1,8 kg

•Aluminium casting body
•Flicker Free
•Single ended bulb 400W

•Electronic Power Supply
•Extension Cable
•Glass Beakers (Clear and Frosted)
•4 Lenses
•4 Leaf Barndoor
•Carrying Case
•Soft tube
•Lamp HMI 400W