KinoFlo 4ft x 4 lamps

KinoFlo 4ft x 4 lamps

• Weight 4.5 kg
• 1310/330/90 mm

• 4 lamps of 40 watt 3200 ° K and 5600 ° K
• Series connection of lamps

• Mounting plate
• Curtains
• Ballast


Product Description

KinoFlo 4ft x 4 lamps – lighting fixture 4 ft x 4 fluorescent colors 3200K or 5600K power. Dual lamp can be used to create a filling, or drawing a light background, as well as spectacular lighting and mitigate unwanted shadows. Lamps can be used outside of the case: hidden in the scenery, or a hand-held device and the plastic housing can be mounted directly to the decorations, the walls or ceiling.