Lowel Rifa eX with 500-1000W

Lowel Rifa eX with 500-1000W

Set on the basis of a lightweight, compact, multifunctional device Rifa eX will receive 1 minute beautiful soft light for an interview. And to do this can be very quickly and simply due to the fact that in this device to implement a simple, time-tested design. Use Rifa eX-known devices such as an umbrella can achieve amazing results. All devices Rifa eX uses the new Rifa eXchange System, which allows you to quickly change Read More


Product Description

Available models have 55- 500W and 88-1000vt

DoP Choice Snapgrid 40 Degree for Rifa 55/88 – Honeycomb on the softbox is designed to create a directional light from the soft box, and completely eliminates the side of the lens flare.